Hello, I’m Denny and welcome to my little corner of the universe. I live in Northern Michigan in a small town of Cadillac & was born in the 40s, so I’ve been around my fair share of years. I enjoy gardening, photography, and social media and have a love for our country. When I say country I don’t mean the one we live in today, but the one we have thoughtlessly given away a piece at a time along with our children’s futures.

I’ve created this site to share my take an awareness to disturbing trends that our society & government have fallen into, most are not necessarily good for this country, in fact our country is rapidly devolving morally & financially before our eyes. Our country seems to have aligned itself as the polar opposite of what our country originally  stood for, represented and our founding fathers had originally intended on.

We owe it to ourselves, our families, our founding fathers and all the others to take back (a way of life) that over time complacency & ignorance has freely given away. You might say, “I’m only one person, what can I do?”. All it takes is one person to say,” No, Stop! No More!” One more time than they say, “Oh Yes You Can & Will!”

Please feel free to browse around and contact me. Bear in mind this site is a work in progress so be patient as I tighten it up to keep the spammers from spamming & the flamers from flaming. Throughout this site I will provide you with information and my take on the government & the world in general. We won’t always agree, but since this was a free country once, it’s my honer to still agree to disagree.

I realize some issues  may seem outside the box, but my take and purview is there none the less, I’m human therefore not perfect and not always right. I urge you to read carefully, because if you can’t agree on my outlook at least we can all agree that there is something not quite right with the way the world is heading today, especially when it comes to governments.

It’s important that you are of an open mind and aware of the behind the scene happenings, because as implausible as something may sound, or be. I’ve only to be right  once in order for you to see that without “real”  genuine change in our complacency, the world is beginning the short drive toward a cliff and ready to take us with it.

- Denny